Write to Romney - We Want a Conservative Vice-President!

We are asking you to tell Romney what we want to see in a conservative Vice-Presidential Candidate. The selection process has begun, so it is important to Act Now!


From: America’s Conservative Voters

To: Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney


Dear Governor Romney:

It is now up to you.

In November American voters will choose between fundamentally different ways of viewing the world, and what role our federal government should play in the lives of American citizens.

The media has made much of the dissension they say exists between conservatives and your candidacy.  I am writing to tell you that you’ll have my support in November.

But I must insist on one thing.

We ask for a clear sign that when you are elected with our votes you will govern as the conservative you say you are and have always been.

The best sign you could give is to choose a Vice-Presidential running mate that is solidly conservative. Among those qualities that your running mate must have are:

·         Pro-economic growth policy agenda

·         Solid Record of supporting the pro-family social agenda

·         Promoter of individual liberty

·         Reducing the size and intrusiveness of government

·         Reducing federal spending and outlays

·         Record of cutting taxes

·         Strong on border security and illegal immigration

·         Solid Pro-Life Record

·         A foreign policy that puts America’s interests ahead of all others

·         Effective plans to prevent terrorism and oppose extremism

·         Strong national defense

·         Solidly behind Second Amendment rights

As a conservative I am ready to support you in November. All I ask is that you choose a conservative Vice-Presidential running mate who will stand with you to uphold the virtues of our great system, and work tirelessly to resoundingly defeat Barack Obama.

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Campaign has expired

Campaign has Expired.

Sign the letter, influence the Romney campaign!

The job was not what I

The job was not what I http://www.exam-collections.com/HP2-N28-vce.html wanted to do, but because of the limited options available at the time I accepted the offer. I quickly found myself working for the paycheck and nothing more. There was no feeling of accomplishment, or reason to be proud of what I was doing. Where was the mission? Where was the purpose http://www.exam-collections.com/HP2-K34-vce.html

Thank you for this post. This

Thank you for this post. This would be my guide on whom I will vote in the coming election. - Trident University

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I am a conservative woman

I am a conservative woman ,the Mormon religion is a cult ...when I saw this video it made 
my decision very clear ....I will not vote for Romney watch and see 
for yourself http://youtu.be/3HSlbuli7HM

Consider the Objective

How ridiculous!  When President Kennedy ran for the Presidency narrow minded "Christians" refused to vote for a Catholic. Now some say they would not vote for a Mormon, another short-sighted view. Imagine!   Rather than vote for a patriot, a father, a grandfather, and a member of a faith that worships God, one would foolishly vote for a socialist and a Muslim who wants to take away every right you have.


Consider The Objective


Reply to Anonymous:

VERY WELL SAID; if ONLY , We, the People USE OUR BRAIN the way it should function, 2012 should have put the Republican candidate to win the Presidency; yet, a broad portion of the electorate, portrayed an ignorant Choice to re-elect a person despite of High crimes and misdemeanors cover-up, lies, corruption, abuse of power, disregard for the law of the Land and a Long List of unconstitutional laws and policies.



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I am a die hard conservative

I am a die hard conservative for 20 years....a guy comes to me at work
and says he read some weird stuff on the official Mormon site scriptures.
Says Mormon religion was started by some guy name Joe Smith
in Vermont in 1831 after an angel told him to dig up some buried gold
plates, they believed in multiple wives until they were arrested and had to stop. 
This is the cult religion that Romney believes in....fo to the 
official Mormon site or Wikepedia abd check it out yourself. 

Anybody else seen this video about the Mormon religionhttp://youtu.be/3HSlbuli7HM
Romney is a Mormon......scary stuff. 


Friend of mine at work told

Friend of mine at work told me some odd things about Mormons ...I looked it up on their official website.....weird stuff...not sure I want a president who is in this ...do your own research 

1. Guy named Joe Smith in Vermont started the Mormon religion when he says Jesus came to the United States and spoke to him 

2. They believed in multiple wives until USA laws shut them down , many still practice polygamy in Utah. 

2. This Joe Smith guy says he found some metal plates in the woods...with writing on them ..used them to start the religion. Mentions other gods and a planet called Kolob ....

So some guy named Joe in Vermont started this whole religion ...pretty weird 

wake up

Our present President has turned his back of many thing's in this country,Like to let China build three bridges with people from China,but not American's.Also road work.        There is a debate tomorrow,why don't you mention some of this to him.I see that you are really not intrested in thing's like his passport,or anything about his schooling,but you let him bully you on taxes that have been paid or not paid.What about the people he has hired that have not payed their taxes.                                                        The USA need's a new President,but one that has a back-bone.I hope that you are that person. I'm older,and don't have to worrie about things for too much longer,but my kid's and all kid's in America need a chance,and they don't have it with the present people in office

Conservative candiate

Fisrt we need a conservative for president, one who speaks for Reagan conservatives. If the USA expects obama out, then a Gingrich/Palin ticket would be the shot heard around the world. These two are the only two who can fire up the bases in America. Enough RINO's and no to mannequin mitts who is a progressive liberal posing as a GOP.

Vice President.

The choice and the ability of the VP nominee is to attract undecided voters in for Mitt Romney. Who will be the best qualified person to succeed the president if he becomes incapacitated or dies while in office. Provides an independent image, be a counselor to the president and have a thorough knowledge of Washington.

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