I haven't approached this subject like that before. I will look at it differently in the future. Thanks =)

So interesting, I really

So interesting, I really enjoy reading the comment here. - James Stuckey


What ever it takes to put an end to this horrible take over of our wonderful healthcare system should be implememted immediately - we need all guns blazing at this point not just rhetoric. Lets just innundate the legal system with legal rebuttals and challenges until something clicks- this Obamacare is an outrage bar non. Yes, maybe some of the substance is good but the whole takeover is wrong, wrong.

HR 3590

Thanks for your e-mail about HR 3590.  If it is a violation of Article 1 section 7 of the Constitution, who or which government agency looks into such violations?  Would that

be the Justice Department? If those who violate the Constitution are unaccountable,

and thought of as blameless and above the laws, what does that say about the future of the Constitution? 

Obamacare/Social Security, etc.

If we really want to have Congress do their jobs and fix Obamacare, Social Security, etc. then all we have to do is put pressure on all of our elected officials to pass a law that makes all elected officials live by the same rules as the rest of the United States Citizens.  Then they would have incentive to fix everything because it would apply to them as much as anyone else. They would no longer be elite citizens in a class by themselves.


Yes, even I knew that the tax laws have to go through the House. But the question is how can this be abolished now that the supreme court screwed it up. If we can call this act illegal then we should have all parties involved - Obama,Roberts,and the other four, AG Holder and others - all should be impeached. God help America.

Obama Care Law

But what can (or will) anyone do about it...? There are likely numerous 'glitches' like this in the law...but it takes someone to stand up and be counted. I see Republicans complaining and whining, but who will take it on?

Tea Party and RNC Theme

While Jobs and the Economy are significantly important factors in this years election, I feel that the most important factor is "Trust". The Tea Party's ,as well as the RNC, banner pronouncement should be, " Do you Trust Obama"?

Supporting factors should then be the promises that Obama made and the subsequent "LIES"that he proliferated and continues to espouse . Plain and simple, call it the way it is, that he is a consummate "Liar" and will do anything to get re-elected.

Who care?

ObamaCare will probably help thousands of people. Give it a chance. Republicans should help with the Bush made and go about their business.

obamacare A TAX

Let's all face it without dancing around the facts. The Democrats passed a bill that nobody in the legislature asmits to reading the thousands of pages, the question is why would a legislature do such a deed. Many feel as I do they wanted it passed before they came up for re-election which they strongly suspected they would lose the majority and they did in the House. Would the bill have passed in the curren HOUSE NOoooooooooooooooooooWay. Therefore, the biggest sign of the creeping SOCIALIST wafting over our beloved country BASED on the FREEDOM OF CHOICE now becoming more and more in doubt and forebodes only the begining if the occupant of the WHITE HOUSE is allowed anothe term that will surely drive the Country into the depths of DEBT and an unrecognizable CONSTITUTION that is envied by the WHOLE WORLD.

PLEASE WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN for us our children and there children................................................



robert's ruling

That sounds like the old "We the People" wheeze

Obama Care & the SC decision.

If that's the case, then get House Speaker Bouner & the Republicans off their dead duffs, and challange this, & other issues in a court, & if need be, appeal  all the way up to the SC again. It seems the Republican Party is letting this President, Attorney General & the entire Democratic party walk all over them, complain some about it, but seem to lack the balls to fight back.

Tell the party to get some guts, stand up & start to fight back on some of these issues, if they don't, their going to see a lot in their party being disguested with their non-actions and sitting out voting in the upcoming election.

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