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it is not good to presumed.

it is not good to presumed. better to wait the actual event or action because we can never guess the future. - Rich Von

Anybody else seen this video

Anybody else seen this video about the Mormon religionhttp://youtu.be/3HSlbuli7HM
If this is what Romney believe I am not voting for him or Obama!

I am a true blue republican for 20 years...BUT I just found out 
what this Mormon religion is all about and it is WEIRD STUFF 
The official Mormon site scriptures say the Mormon religion was started by some 
guy name Joe Smith in Vermont in 1831 after an angel told him to dig up some buried gold 
plates... and ALSO that they dont belive in the virgin Mary. Please tell me this aint true.
If it is... I ain't voting for Romney

CJ Roberts--

What a coward and so short sighted as to think he could preserve the neutrality of the Supreme Court.  Shame on him.  

Tax vs Penalty with Nobmunist's Health Plan

A penalty comes after you "omitted" paying taxes when due.  The Plan is a tax alright.  It's a burdening tax that all but opted out members of unions and others on the government teet may be forced to pay.  Recipients of Social Secuity checks will see their premiums for Part 'B' double between now and 2014, unless a new combined Legislature along with a Constitution-respecting new President undo this massive intrustion into each (most) of our lives.  Don't buy the ploy; continue to fight for what is right.  Continually mail, call, e-mail and visit your 3 D.C. mouthpieces.  Even if they aren't in town or at one of their satellite offices, the staffers will pass along what's on your mind.  The big salvo we can fire will be at the polls.  Talk is cheap, only your actions will make an impact.


Research, study...THINK all things and possibilities through...thoroughly!  Know the backgrounds, previous records relating to jobs/posts, community involvement, INTEGRITY.  Don't take the Media's word...dig for yourself and don't let others pressure you into supporting candidates based on civic/civil organizational memberships.


IF, I repeat, if we don't knock the rotten apples from the tree come November...we're bound for greater evils and other dark possibilities in the not-so-distant future.  Uncle already has a US Army Manual that clearly shows that not only may the methods, means and tactics be used in another one of our "Police Actions" in a foreign country, it clearly states identifying and categorizing detainees by their Social Security Number.  How many Al Queda, Taliban extremists/terrorists or citizens living in their own country...having never been to America, have a SSAN?


There are numerous "internment/re-education camps" ready and waiting that are scattered throughout the US for those that rebel by any means, whether peacefully civil through armed aggressors.  You and I may not think we or our neighbor did anything bad, but Uncle (especially the current Administration) has a way of twisting things to suit their objectives/goals.  Believe it!  Dig for yourself and you may be shocked to see that the American Public has been set-up for a Martial Law run Communist-style state for quite sometime.  The trappings exist, Homeland Security has a "Terrorist Reporting" pamphlet that describes those other citizens you or I should report as possible terrorists.  The identifying features have implications for tens of millions of US Citizens.  I'm a 'suspect' as I type, since I fall into the category of ascribing to and broadcasting my thoughts, feelings and support of a PRO-CONSTITUTIONAL form of government for this Republic.




Educate yourself, your spouse, your children, your friends and neighbors.  It's everyone's duty!  To do less or nothing at all will ensure the downfall into a communist state.



Otterville, MO


Roberts Opinion

So now we have five justices that won't obey the constitution. Tyranny is right around the corner.

Our entire governmental framework is being torn down

Our forefathers clearly diferenciated on the separation of powers buy now the Supreme Court, The U.S. Congress, and worst of all, the President, all have violated their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. All word play aside, all equivocation, flies on the face of the grab for more and more power at the highest levels of our government. The Supreme Court chose to twist the meaning of a clearly unconstitutional law in order to please Congress. The President is governing by Executive Order, and our Legislators cannot even pass the Annual Budget. How long are we going to accept this state of affairs?

Phony dog and pony show

"Obamacare" is the most watered down piece of legislation a corporatist state would allow, it was designed by Mitt Romney, in Massachusetts. Nothing was done to fix one of the worst 'health care' systems in the industrialized world. The "individual mandate" was put in by the Republicans, during the "debate", while they were screaming, "SOCIALISM".

 America has been successfully distracted from the march toward Nazism again ! It is stupid to argue whether or not the individual mandate is a tax - that is NOT the issue. The issue is, that, with the 'health care' system, and everything else that is done in this country, the working American is fleeced, and the fruits of their labor are handed over to the multi-national interests. Watch the documentary, "Freedom to Fascism" at the following link, http://freedocumentaries.org/


I do not believe Roberts even read the Obnama screw papers! I am really doubtful if any of the court read it through! This country is so run by Socialists. We do not have a chance!

Cowardice in the Face of the Enemy?...to Anonymous

Seems you are ready to be issued your Brown Shirt and everything else that Uncle Barry & Co, etc might force upon you.  Have you so little integrity or moral courage or commitment that your willing to go belly up.


Stay the course; fight the rightious fight...or pack your self-pitying carcass up and get the hell out my Country.  My chaste statement not only applies to this particular poster, but every other person that has a pathetically-faulted stance on the matter of Freedom and Libery that America once assured as the "Right to pursiut".  Surrender is not an opiton...period!


Spoon  USAF Ret.

Otterville, MO

If our country is

If our country is "socialist", then why is every piece of legislation, and policy, that has passed in the last 30 years, corporatist, (the opposite of socialism) ?

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