Great work. My husband and I were able to answer a few questions we had.

There's a lot of useful information. It helped me a lot.

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Good for you, you have done a

Good for you, you have done a good job. I have also learned a lot of ideas going along with your post. - Theodore Stroukoff

GOP still has a chance of nominating a TRUE Conservative.

For GOP Voters: Nominating process, is still active until GOP Tampa Convention on 08/27/12. You all still
have a chance of Nominating a True Conservative as
Presidential Candidate. Pay no Attention to Intrusion
from GOP Establishment! It is NOT over, until it's OVER! You still have that Civil Right! Your decision
is STILL Important, and it has MORE bearing than that
of Political Estalishments! Don't lose it!!

Union Dues

I'm not concerned that Obama will win honestly.


How do we keep him from winning dishonestly?!

Oh, give me an f'ing break !

Unionized labor in this country account for 7% of the American workforce, yet phony "conservatives" like to call it "big labor". Anyone who wants to give a curserory look at the real facts about who is spending the most money to install a fascist state here will see the real facts. Look at the following :

Crossroads GPS, Karl Rove’s right-wing special interest group, has launched another attack against Sherrod, with a buy that as of now is set for 10 days and $1.1 million.

If this is bringing on a feeling of deja vu for you, believe me, you’re not the only one. Crossroads has come after us before, and Karl Rove isn’t backing off.

Combine this new attack with all the other spending this year, and we’ve seen over $12 million spent against us -- more than any other senator or Senate candidate in the country.

Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, and all the other special interests are keeping their crony Josh Mandel afloat with their deep pockets and unlimited spending.

And they expect Ohioans to forget the true contrasts in this election. Like how Sherrod is fighting to extend tax relief for middle class Americans, while Republicans are fighting to refuse that relief unless the wealthy get their breaks as well.

It’s clear where their priorities lie. And it’s up to us to build a campaign that can beat the far-right agenda and win come November.

Repelling attacks like this one is what being one of the 4% is all about. We couldn’t run this campaign without our grassroots supporters like you.

Don't forget that thier smear campaigns are filled with a bunch of "made up stuff". Are you listening Sarah ?

on giving me a break

I think your statement is pure baloney. It is so convoluted it doesn't make one iota of  sense.

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