Art Kelly


I am just thankful that the candidate I am supporting is on the lead. - Feed the Children Reviews


After this battle I just hope that these guys will work hand in hand for the betterment of our country. - Feed the Children Reviews


Love to watch these to protagonist in one stage and talk about the effect of the climate change. - Roger Stanton


Do not be swayed bey the sweet promises of these candidates, think before making any decisions. - Reputation Advocate


We should elect a leader that could bring us to a better future. - Reputation Advocate


Chose a leader that could lead this country into the future that we can be proud of. -


I am encouraging every one to watched tonight debate between the two contenders in doing so you guys can have a guide on who gonna have your support. - C. Frederick Wehba


Before the campaign started the opposing party said that the candidate I am supporting have no chance of wi=niing the race but look now who is on the lead on the latest survey. - C. Frederick Wehba


I just learn from reliable source that my candidate is likely to win this election and why not he has the support from different sectors of the society. - C. Frederick Wehba


Love to see those candidates on the same stage and talk about all issue that affect all people on this country. - C. Frederick Wehba

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